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The Procedure for Preparing, Compiling and Issuing a Conclusion on a Dissertation

Any dissertator after writing a dissertation must present it at the department to which he is attached as an applicant for a certain scientific degree. For his presentation at the department, a graduate student or doctoral student prepares a report in which summarizes the results of his research. After that, a special document (the so-called conclusion) is drawn up at the department, with which you can go to any dissertation council.

How is the discussion of the thesis at the department?

In fact, before defending, the applicant must pass the pre-defense at the department and receive a positive conclusion, otherwise no council will consider your application further.

Pre-defense is often a dress rehearsal. By this time, the dissertation should already be fully written and edited, as well as properly formatted. As a rule, a supervisor assigned to a graduate student or doctoral student proposes to hold a meeting at the department on this occasion. After reviewing the dissertation text, the head of the department sets the date for the pre-defense, as well as the reviewers.

For pre-defense, the applicant prepares a report for ten to fifteen minutes. This is followed by questions to be answered. In addition, the floor is given to the supervisor, who gives his assessment of the work, and also provides the department with a small description of the personal qualities of the dissertation candidate. Then the reviewers read their reviews.

Next, a voting procedure is carried out, which raises the question of whether to send the work to the dissertation council or not. The final stage is the execution of the conclusion of the organization itself.


Perhaps you really made a few rough edges that need to be corrected. Remember that the sooner any errors are discovered, the more time you will have to work on them. In the event that you are completely confident in your dissertation, then try to attach to another organization for a fee. It is possible that there you will be able to appreciate.

In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that pre-defense is a rather important stage, as it helps to visually see what awaits approximately on the defense itself. Therefore, it is worth taking this procedure with all seriousness, as well as set yourself up for the fact that everything that was planned may not work out on the first try. But this is by no means a cause for disappointment.

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